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Please remember that participants will have to show their “green pass” or a valid certificate that demonstrate a 48-hours recent negative swab test No printed program will be distributed.
Day 1
10 Set 2021
Day 2
11 Set 2021

Opening of voting for ASSIOA Board

Close of voting for ASSIOA Board at 12:00 of SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH

Welcome and introduction

Federico Delfino – Rector of the University of Genoa  | Alberto Quagli – Director of the Department of Economics and Business Studies  | Marco Bucci – Mayor of Genoa  | Michele Pizzo – AIDEA President  | Marcello Martinez – ASSIOA President  | Teresina Torre – Conference Chair and ASSIOA Vicepresident


Robert Chia, University of Glasgow “Organize to Economize; practices, predictability, productivity” followed by a conversation with Angelo Gasparre e Lorenzo Mizzau

Round table – “Which organization for which society? The person at the heart”

Participants: Gabriella Andraghetti, president of Banco Alimentare Liguria Onlus | Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa | Matteo Campodonico, entrepreneur | Raffaele Credidio, Director EMEA Micron and Vice-president AIDP | Barbara Imperatori, University, Catholic University of Sacred Heart | Luigi Maria Sicca, University of Naples Federico II | Moderated by: Federico Butera, University of Milano Bicocca and Sapienza University of Rome, IRSO Foundation

Final session

Best paper ceremony | Next WOA announcement

*during the Workshop, the buvette service will be available (open space fourth level)